Ayurvedic Nasha Mukti Medicine | Anti- Addiction | Alcoban Plus

It has no side effects and does not cause any internal or external harm,
if taken correctly as per the dosage prescribed.

Alcoban Plus is a rigorously tested ayurvedic remedy for addiction (नशा मुक्ति दवा) that makes people less dependent on substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. It induces feelings of nausea, headaches and anxiety every time a person takes a drink or smokes. These feelings discourage them from drinking or smoking and curb their cravings in the future. In the initial testing phase, Alcoban+ showed great results in preventing relapses.

Alcoban+ will also significantly reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the user. Make sure you complete the full 60 day course to get the complete benefits.

It is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It can be easily mixed with a person's meals or drinks and given without their knowledge. You can even mix it in their morning chai or coffee. . It will take a while for the effects of Alcoban+ to manifest but after around 20 days, the person would experience reduced cravings for alcohol, tobacco and drugs.



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Alcoban+ is worlds apart from any other ayurvedic anti-addiction remedy you might have seen.

It is made using very rare and very potent herbs that must be prepared a certain way for it to have the right effect. Alcoban+ is incredibly potent. The herbs are used in their most concentrated form and one little bottle of Alcoban+ has the same concentration of herbs as most ayurvedic remedies have in about 500 ml.

Alcoban+ has been prepared using an age-old formula mentioned in anxient ayurvedic texts of Atharva Ved. It contains real herbs in their most purest and potent form. Each bottle of Alcoban+ is thoroughly tested before it is sent out to ensure maximum quality and safety. This is what makes it the best ayurvedic anti- addiction treatment in the world.



Do you know why substance dependency is called a family disease?

The answer is that it does not just affect an individual, it destroys entire families in one go. If even one person in a family is a drinker or smoker, it has a direct impact on the lives of the rest of the members of the family as well.

Substance dependency means the uncontrollable habit of drinking and smoking. It is a disease that hollows out a person from the inside. It's a battle and the only way to win is to wage a war. Whether you're a drinker or smoker wanting to quit or you have a family member or friend suffering from dependency, don't worry, you're both about to achieve success. Because the first step to winning a war is by choosing the right weapon.

And that weapon is - Alcoban +. Now in an all-new Ayurvedic avatar!


The entire course is of 60 days


Mix 10-15 drops of Alcoban Plus with water or meals and give to the addict.

Take twice a day.


  • Colorless, Odorless, Tasteless
  • Infused with potent ayurvedic herbs
  • Prevents relapses
  • Curbs cravings to drink or smoke
  • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms and shows long-term effects


  • Stage 1: EXPERIMENTATION - when a person drinks or smokes out of curiosity
  • Stage 2: SOCIAL - when a person drinks or smokes only in social situations or for social reasons
  • Stage 3: RISK - when a person drinks or smokes too much disregarding the consequences
  • Stage 4: ADDICTION - when a person drinks or smokes on a daily basis, or several times a day regardless of negative consequences

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What Customers Say

alcoban review1

Mahendra Goyal

I ordered this product for my wife's brother who is hardcore addict. Thanks to this medicine, within 7 days he started hating the smell of alcohol and now since 15 days he can't even take a sip. My wife and in-laws are so happy with Alcoban+.

alcoban+ review2

Falguni Mer

I gave this to my husband without his knowledge and this medicine is tasteless so he didn't even know. He started reducing his smoking after the first week itself. Till now, no side effects. It's been more than 20 days. I wish everyone who has an addict in the family buys this product. 5 stars!

alcoban+ review3

Golu Sethi

Anyone who is wants to help a friend/family member with alcohol addiction, please order this product. I bought this for my friend who was addicted for over 10 years. To my surprise, he stopped drinking within a month of starting Alcoban+.

alcoban+ review4

Kritya Sohe

I've used this for my dad (without his knowledge) whose drinking habit got worse in the last 5 years. It worked like magic. There are no side effects. Within 15 days he started reducing his drinking and within 5 weeks of Alcoban+, he almost completely stopped drinking.

alcoban+ review5

Khatib Khan

It's a truly amazing product. Very effective and it definitely works. Just buy it. The great thing is that it has no side effects. It has no taste which means that the drinker won't know if you add it in tea or buttermilk or in food. The cost is also not that high compared to how much money is lost on alcohol.

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